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We are a group of professional SEO Consultants, SEO Copywriters and Web Designers based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. JustSimple can guarantee your website rank top 10 on google search engine, get SEO top 10 ranking service.

Malaysia SEO Ranking, Top 10 Ranking

Our Money Back Guarantee offers if we do not achieve a top 10 Google listing within the specified time-line, with any one of your Malaysia SEO keywords.


Google AdWords Management Service

With the knowledge and experience that we have gained using AdWords, we are able to offer you Google AdWords management services that will generate profitable PPC campaigns.

Adwords PPC Advertising Management Service

Generally we can start a Google AdWords campaign as low as RM1,000, but it can be vary widely depending on number of required keywords, keyword research requirements and construction time. Our Google Adwords management service includes:
  1. Keyword Research and Selection
  2. AdWord Design and Setup
  3. Writing Advertising Copy and Descriptions
  4. Pay Per Click Bid Management
  5. Monitoring Keyword and Campaign Performance
  6. Ongoing Campaign Budget Management
  7. Revising Copy and Bids
  8. Performance Reports

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If you would like to make an enquiry about our Google Adwords pay per click management services, please contact us for further information.

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