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Is your WordPress site hacked or infected with malware?

Has your WordPress site been hacked, resulting in redirects to other sites, Google blacklisting, and display issues? Don’t worry, we can resolve the problem within 24 hours or less by fixing the hack and removing the malware from your site.

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How can I check if my website has been hacked?

My site's been hacked - now what?

There are several signs that can indicate that your site has been hacked or infected with malware, such as:

  • Your site is loading slower than usual.
  • Your site is redirecting to other sites.
  • You see new content or pages that you did not create.
  • Your site is displaying error messages or pop-ups.
  • Your site is suddenly inaccessible or has been taken down.
  • You notice changes to your site’s code or files.
  • Your search engine rankings have dropped significantly.
  • Your web host has contacted you to alert you to suspicious activity on your site.

If you suspect that your site has been hacked or infected with malware, it’s important to take immediate action to diagnose and fix the issue.

Wordpress Malware Issue Malware Problem

What is Hacked WordPress site

A WordPress hacked site is a website that has been compromised by unauthorized access or malicious attacks by a hacker or a group of hackers. When a WordPress site is hacked, the hacker may gain access to sensitive data, install malware or viruses, or use the site for spamming or phishing attacks. This can result in a loss of revenue, reputation, and user trust.

Some common signs that a WordPress site has been hacked include:

  • A sudden drop in traffic or search engine rankings
  • Unexpected changes in the website’s content, layout, or functionality
  • The appearance of unusual or suspicious files on the website’s server
  • Warnings from search engines or web browsers that the website may be dangerous or compromised
  • Reports from users that the website is behaving oddly or displaying unusual behavior.

If you suspect that your WordPress site has been hacked, it is important to take immediate action to contain the attack and secure your website.

Site may be hacked’ or ‘Site ahead contains malware’ notice

If Google detects any suspicious activity on a website, it may display a warning message below its search results that says “this site may be hacked.” This message serves as an alert to visitors to avoid the website.

While, Google Chrome displays the “deceptive site ahead” warning when a website is infected with malware to protect visitors from potentially accessing inappropriate content or divulging sensitive information. To prevent this, the Chrome browser blocks access to the site and displays the warning.

This warning serves as a caution for potential visitors to avoid the website, leading to a significant drop in organic traffic when the notice appears. To eliminate the warning, it is necessary to thoroughly remove all traces of malware, secure the website, and notify search engines that steps have been taken to ensure the site is safe for visitors. 

What happens when a website gets hacked?

Hacked websites can have serious consequences for owners and visitors, including data loss, reputational damage, revenue loss, and legal liabilities. It is crucial to take action to resolve the issue and prevent future attacks.

  • Google blacklisting the website
  • Suspension of the website hosting account by the web host
  • Decrease in SEO rankings
  • Blacklisting of the website’s IP address
  • Loss of customers
  • Data theft or loss

Time Matters!

If your website got hacked - don't wait until it gets blacklisted. You can loose your customers and search engine positions. There is no time to wait, you should act fast!

Cleaning up your hacked site

Once you confirm your website is hacked, it’s time to clean it up. There are four methods to clean up a hacked site:

  1. Restore from backup: If you have a recent backup of your website, restoring it can be an effective way to remove the hack and get your website back to a clean state.

  2. Use a security plugin: Online website scanners like Sucuri, SiteLock, and Norton Safe Web can help detect and remove malware from your website. If the malware is too complex or the auto-clean doesn’t work, use a security plugin.

  3. Manually clean up your website: If you have technical expertise, you can try to remove the malware manually. This involves identifying infected files and removing malicious code, reinstalling WordPress core, cleaning themes and plugins files, cleaning the database, and removing backdoors.

  4. Hire a security expert: Outsourcing the task to a WordPress security expert can be a reliable way to clean up your website as they have the tools and expertise to find and remove malware effectively.

Recover Hacked WordPress Website Ad-hoc Service

We fix WordPress Hacked Site & Remove Malware Virus

At JustSimple, we have extensive expertise in WordPress security, malware removal, and hack cleanup. With years of experience in website security, our WordPress security experts are dedicated to resolving your issue promptly. Once we receive your request, we’ll start working on your hacked WordPress site immediately. Typically, we can resolve the issue within 4 to 8 business hours, ensuring that the hack is fully cleared and no further issues persist.  Our process includes a thorough scan of your website, removal of all malware, implementation of security measures to prevent future attacks, and a full report detailing the steps taken to recover your site.

Fast Turnaround:
4 - 8 hours

In most cases, we are able to resolve WordPress hacked or malware issues and recover your site within 4-8 business hours.

One-Time Fee:
S$299 Nett

Our team can resolve your hacked site or malware issue for a one-time fee of S$299, and we will begin working on it immediately.

Risk Free:
Fixed or Money Back

Our guarantee is to recover your website within two business days or less, or you will receive a full refund of your payment.

Detailed Analysis and Inspection

Our WordPress developers conduct a thorough assessment of your hacked website to identify and resolve any issues.

Experienced Expertise You Can Trust

With 15+ years of WordPress experience. Our team consists of genuine WordPress developers fix your hacked website.

30-Days Guarantee Included

We provide ongoing monitoring for your website, and if any issues arise, we will clean up your website again for free.

Fix Hacked Site Services USA

Professional hacked Site Cleaning Services

As professional WordPress developers, we specialize in securing WordPress sites and preventing hacks. Our services include implementing security measures and best practices to prevent malware infections and addressing vulnerabilities that could lead to hacks. We can also provide backup and restoration services in case of a hack. By working with us, you can ensure that your WordPress site is protected against common threats such as malware redirects, phishing, SQL injection, malicious redirects, Japanese SEO spam, and defacements.


Our experience WordPress security and developer team detects the entry point of the hacker and closes the vulnerability if any.


We identify the nature of the hack, affected parts of your website, and devise an effective strategy for removing the malicious content.

Malware Removal

Remove malicious code from various parts of your website, including files, posts, pages, comments, source code, and folders..

Google Blacklist Removal

We can clean your website and remove it from Google blacklists within 24 hours to prevent any loss of search engine rankings.

Secured Firewall

After malware removal, we install website antivirus, security monitoring, and a firewall to ensure your website remains secure.

Future Attacks Prevention

We install monitoring software to detect and respond to any suspicious activity on your website, ensuring its protection.

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WordPress Fix Malware Issue FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some common WordPress support questions below.

Feel free to reach out to us regarding any website problems you may have before placing your order.

Our sales and support team work 24/7 and are delighted to answer any queries you may have.

To sign up, fill out the online form on our website. Choose from a one-time task or a Monthly Support and Maintenance Plan. Technical issues and support are generally included with our maintenance plan.

In order to proceed with your website project, we need a cPanel/server login detail,  WordPress admin username,  and/or FTP access.

The time required to fix a hacked or infected WordPress site depends on the severity of the attack and the extent of the damage. Identifying and removing malware can take a few hours to several days. After removal, addressing security vulnerabilities, such as updating plugins and themes, securing login credentials, and implementing a web application firewall, can prevent future attacks. The recovery time also depends on available resources, such as the expertise of the developer and the availability of backups.


The process of removing a blacklist from Google due to a malware or hacked site can take several days or even weeks to complete, depending on the severity of the issue and the steps taken to resolve it.

Once the malware or hacked site has been identified and fixed, the next step is to request a review from Google to remove the blacklist status. This involves submitting a request through Google Search Console and providing evidence that the issue has been resolved, such as a clean backup of the site or a third-party verification of the site’s security.

After the request has been submitted, it can take several days for Google to review and verify the changes made to the site before removing the blacklist status. The exact time frame for this process can vary depending on the severity of the issue and the workload of the Google review team.

We offer a complete refund of your money if we are unable to resolve your website issue, and you have up to 14 days to request a refund.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any website problems you may have before placing your order. Please note that in some cases, your website may have multiple issues that require separate services to resolve.

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Absolutely, we can assist you with any other issues related to your WordPress site. Our team of WordPress experts can provide you with comprehensive consultancy and advice. Please contact us if you have any other issues, as we offer a full range of solutions for WordPress sites.

WordPress Monthly Maintenance Service​

If your WordPress web site needs regular content updates and support each month, retainer plans are for you! Strengthen your WordPress website with our monitoring services. We keep your site performance optimized, update plugins, themes and more to reduce cybersecurity risks and prevent monetary loss caused by outdated websites.